Look Sexy Wearing Short Open-Back Dresses

open-back dressesShort open-back dresses are sexy—so sexy, in fact, that if you’re not careful, you might end up purchasing something that only hookers would wear. You don’t want to give that impression, do you? Well, you might, but only to your special guy, and certainly not in public, among friends at a posh summer party on a yacht or a torch-lit beach!

The trick is to avoid the skin-tight bodices that often come with open-back designs. You’re already baring a huge amount of skin, why should you also show everything else in a skin-tight barely-there dress? That’s tacky and even those wealthy socialites on Hollywood routinely get dismissed by the fashion police for stepping out in them.

Have you noticed that favorite fashion icons like Emma Watson only either bare skin or show their curves on every outfit? When Emma wore an open-back, it was a floor-length gown. When she wore a skin-tight black dress, it covered her neck to knee. Showing skin and showing curves at the same time is inelegant.

But that’s not to say you’ll wear one of those loose tents that just have a cutout on the back! Here are a few pointers on short open-back dresses and keeping them classy:

  • Go for unique open-back designs. The more surprising, the better! These retain a modest and goddess vibe when you turn your back. Very chic!
  • Just because you’re wearing open-back doesn’t mean you’re out to seduce. Play down the seductiveness further with colorfully fun prints or fabrics. And a cute design on the open-back, like a bow or a circle, tells everyone you’re on a flirty and fun mood.
  • Also, open-back simply means your back is exposed. Regular dresses have higher collars at the back than at the front, after all. So modest-looking deep V’s at the back are as open-back as those dresses that plunge right to your back hip!
  • I spoke against skin-tight earlier. But if you can pull it off and have a slender rather than curvaceous body, it won’t look racy on you. Go for ruched bodices that will give you texture and onlookers the definite impression that you are wearing something. Haha. Lovely drapery of extra fabric can off-set the body hugging you’ve got going on with your short open-back dress.
  • The classic and ever versatile LBD (little black dress) shouldn’t be ruined by tacky plunges in the back. Instead, they should always retain their sophistication with oval, circular or spade-shaped cutouts.
  • Florals are always fun for open-backs. Floral patterns tend to be on the grandmotherish side but not in a short, flaring and sexy silhouette.

So which one will be your summer’s explosive short, open-back dress?

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