Secrets to Finding Cute Nail Designs

Hand with nail artWearing cute nail designs is fun, bringing both the wearer and the admirer a lot of pleasure. This is exactly the reason why so many love to keep their nails done. The only problem is that design ideas can begin to run low after a while. There are an endless number of nail designs online, in magazines, and even in your manicurist’s portfolio, but not all of them can be classified as cute and not everything one person finds cute is cute to everyone. Read on to discover some secret solutions to this dilemma.

Walking Through the Fabric Shop
Some say quilting is for old ladies, but there is more than one reason to visit a fabric store. It is a great place to find inspiration for cute nail designs, and an outfit or two. The various colors, patterns, even textures found in the wide selection of materials can help you come up with something that is original, just your style, and, of course, cute. If you are in to flowers, they have all sorts. Many like childhood themes for nails, like cartoon and video game characters, and those can be seen their too. Nail art is only limited by your imagination and the skill of the manicurist, so feel free to get creative.

Choose a Theme

When many think of cute nail designs, they think only of flowers and sparkles, but there is a lot more to be had than that. You can choose a theme for your nail design, such as animals prints, the sky, patriotism, geometric shapes, coffee, and just about anything else that you love. Use themes as the basis for you cute nail designs and many are sure to love your idea.

Don’t Think Pink
For some reason, pink is the first color people tend to think about when they think of cute. Pink is not the only cute color, all colors are. Take a step away from the pink in your cute nail designs and go with something different, but not dark. Make the designs with bright, vibrant colors. Try colors that are different from what you are used to wearing.

Mimic Your Outfit
Many people get their nails done specifically for a special occasion. The following tip is one that many will avoid simply because they want their nails to last longer than just one occasion. However, if you have a particular outfit and it has a design on some part of it, you can put the same design on your nails. When you are all dressed up and your nails perfectly match the patterns in your clothes, this is one of the best cute nail designs of all. It is possible to make the look last longer simply by wearing clothes of colors that match the nails for as long as the design stays on.

You may or may not be an artist, but it is good to have a notebook where you keep all of your cute nail designs. Inspiration can hit at any moment.

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