This dress is stunning.  You’ll definitely have to check out Meric’s blog to see how she styled the dress.  But this picture was too breath taking to pass up.  Such a pretty and whimsical look.  Go to her blog now, and check out the look! read more


Spring Perfection

I’m so glad it’s spring and we can start busting out the pretty colors and prints again.  I love these pants!  They’re always so comfy and fab…  Perfect combo.  I really like how Sheryl paired them with the neutral top and the pop from the blue bag.  Complete spring perfection.  Check out read more


Statement Vest

I love this look from Jessie Chanes.  The vest is beautiful, and definitely the center of the outfit!  It’s super important to find statement pieces like this vest, it’s the perfect way to spice up some basic pieces.  Check out Jessie’s blog, she has a great personal style! read more


Spring Leather

I love how Adriana can incorporate fake leather into her looks so effortlessly!  I love leather and the fact that she can make it work into spring is amazing to me.  This is such a cool and edgy look, but Adriana pulls it off effortlessly, as usual.  Check out her blog, you won’t be read more


Desert Vibes

I love Coachella and festival style so I’ve really been enjoying Sydne’s blog and what she puts together.  This dress is beautiful, it’s so flowy and channels the ultimate “modern hippie” vibe.  Sydne’s Coachella looks have been fabulous.  Make sure to go check all of them out! read more


Baby Bump and Heels

Amber is another one of my favorites and I always look forward to seeing what she can come up with.  This look is super casual and cute, and something everyone could recreate for themselves.  I also have to give her props, any pregnant woman who can still rock some heels has my respect!  Go read more


Casual Class

Although this look is super casual, I adore it.  It’s something that is so realistic, but still classy and chic.  I lovvveeee Birkenstocks, and they  look great with this outfit.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on the bag…  To die for!  Seriously though, go check out Cara’s blog. read more


Cool Tones

Cara Loren never fails to disappoint me.  I love this look and how she combined the cool grays and off white, with the warm tan sandal.  This look all together is to die for.  I want her entire closet, and if you check out her blog I’m sure you’ll agree with me. read more


Fab Mommy

And here’s my favorite cool mom, and style crush forever, Cara Loren.  She has such a laid back and cool sense of style that I so try to embody in my own personal style.  Even though she’s pregnant, it doesn’t stop Cara from looking fab everyday!  Please do yourself a favor and follow her blog, it’s read more


Pretty Spring Dresses

Spring is such a perfect time to start breaking out the dresses.  Why not wear one everyday?!  This beautiful white flowy dress is definitely one I need to add to my collection.  Check out Jessica’s blog, she also loves dresses and has some great accessorizing ideas for spring dresses! read more